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Long Coats For Women

Each season, if you have a look around you at the ladies on the street, there is always one fashion outfit that you will feel is extremely popular. This is especially true during winter when everyone has to be conscious of the cold weather when choosing something to wear. It is very easy for ladies to ignore all fashion sense in their quest to keep Mother Nature at bay during winter time, but not so since the advent of long coats, otherwise referred to as the trench coat.

long coats for women

These coats when matched with various outfits such as shoes, handbags and the appropriate hairstyles have a way of ensuring that the fashion conscious lady remains just that at all times. Let’s look at some of the leading varieties of women’s long coats that are an absolute must have for the classy lady.


Black long fur collared coats- this coat when matched with an equally classy looking pair of black gloves, White leggings and a black shiny handbag  will give the ultimate feminine look. Add a few more well matched accessories such as bracelets and earrings and the natural look is complete.


Long bright yellow wind coat- the yellow color of this long coat for women will blend perfectly with the dark clothes one wears inside during winter time. It breaks the dullness that would have resulted if, say, both the coat and the inner clothing were grey. The bright yellow women’s long coat lifts the mood during winter time as any bright color will during such times and is always a welcome relief from all the surrounding gloom.


Simple black women’s medium long coat- This coat with its additional accessories is the ultimate clothing item to showcase your fashion sense during winter. At first glance it may appear just like any othe r women’s black long coat but a closer inspection reveals some delicate details which gives a unique look. It can be easily matched with other fashion accessories to further enhance the appearance. Try accessorizing it with a Russian cap and an army handbag of a different colour and you cannot fail to look and feel stylish.